1. Will we be able to have daily Mass and Confession?

    We will, unless there are extenuating circumstances, have Mass every day that we are in Paris. We are trying to find a suitable accommodation for Mass in Lourdes.
  2. Is there a dress code for the trip?

    Yes, all attendees are expected to follow the traditional standards of modesty and conduct themselves with proper decorum on our trips. We do not believe in the popular customs of many American tourists (i.e. like the clueless Rick Steves) to dress down and poorly represent themselves and their homeland when visiting foreign countries. Men should expect to dress in a business casual attire and women in dresses or skirts which conform to the traditional standards of falling at a minimum below their knees when sitting and standing, as well as no sleeveless attire. An example of good shoes for men for both form and function is Amberjack.
  3. What sort of shoes should I wear?

    As guests can expect to walk anywhere from 7-14 kilometers per day, it is highly recommended that attendees wear comfortable shoes that fall in line with the dress code for the trip; for example, Amberjack shoes.
  4. How much free time will we have?

    The afternoons (think from 1pm-6pm) are purposely left open so that you are free to explore the area to your heart’s content. Please be aware that our guide will likely not be available to accompany you on your own excursions during the free period as he may be fulfilling other tour hosting duties, dealing with particular situations, or simply preparing dinner. He is available each night after dinner for Q&A for any of your free time trips.
  5. Will there be a curfew at night?

    While we do not set a curfew, all guests are expected to pace themselves to keep up with the rest of the tour. We will not be able to deviate from the schedule in order to accommodate guests who oversleep, for example, as this would be unfair to the rest of the group.
  6. Do I need to know French to be able to attend this event?

    No, you do not need to know French in order to visit the country. Please do bear in mind however, that we are to be guests in a foreign land, and the ability of the citizens to speak English is a privilege, not a right. As such, guests should conduct themselves appropriately if a local has a harder time speaking English. Knowing a few basic words can only help make your visit more pleasant, and also help to immerse you in the culture a bit more. Guests will be educated in basic words and phrases, as well as general etiquette and culture during a series of virtual meetings before the trip.
  7. What sort of food will we be eating?

    While we do not have a set menu (we, like the French, like to be inspired by seasonal ingredients), our meals will be made mostly from local and regional meats and produce in the French style to further immerse our guests into the culture. There will not be any vegetarian or vegan options offered at the daily community meals.
  8. I have a specific diet (vegan, gluten free, etc), will the meals be able to be adjusted to suit my needs?

    As we prepare meals for the entire party, we are unable to create specific dishes for personal preferences. Individuals with specific allergies (such as shellfish) should contact us in advance before reserving their spot, and after a brief consultation, advice will be given on a path forward. Failure to do so will put the burden on guests to acquire such food at their own expense during the trip.
  9. Can we arrive early in France or stay later past the close of the tour?

    Yes, guests may arrive early or stay longer in France, as long as they arrive to the designated tour location within the specified window. Any additional time spent in France is at the expense of the individual and not IHS Events, and further reservations and lodging are not the responsibility of IHS Events.
  10. Do I need travel insurance in case of an emergency?

    While our guests are covered by IHS Events’ general insurance policy, guests may choose to seek out additional insurance for the trip that will cover any issues they may be concerned about such as theft, sickness, cancellations, etc.