Our Team

IHS Events was founded by Catholic friends who understand the value of in-person events and are committed to being the means for more such events worldwide.

Stephen Heiner


Stephen has been involved in Catholic businesses since 2006. He lives in Paris.

Alexander Krawczyk


An avid promoter of the True Devotion to Mary, he looks forward to sharing the treasures of our Catholic faith and heritage with you, so that you may be inspired to a greater fervor and love in the service of Our Lord and Lady!

Angela Arthur


Angela is employed in customer service and business administration. She is a parishioner of MHC in Melbourne, Australia.

Hannah Petrizzi


Hannah is a Traditional Catholic who enjoys directing and acting in short films. She started a home film productions company called St. Genesius Films. Hannah also sings in the choir and enjoys baking and making use of social media.

Jason Guardiano


Jason works as an IT system administrator and in 2015 began providing IT support to Catholic companies.